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Choosing a website design company isn’t about finding the best deal. Its about finding a company who knows your business.

We offer Professional Website Design & Development

At techno-partz, we work to achieve your business goals via effective web design. First we know and understanding the strategy, motivations and goals of your business. Second we know your technology and we know whats best in achieving exceptional results.

Importantly experience matters, and with many projects spanning different technologies, we are the proven web design company in london & home counties.

On the whole we design and develop what you need, iconic experiences that help your clients grow & your business innovate. We listen, learn and understand before we build. With this in mind we identify your goals together, then use our expertise to find that action point of realistic and impactful.

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Achieve your goals

Techno-Partz builds websites that are easy to manage, and designed to empower you. Leave your technical hassles behind, and allow Techno-Partz to make it simple to roll out new content, products and services.

In addition we support what we build. Unboubtedly our goal with every project is to launch not only a website, but a long-term relationship. We’re passionate about helping our clients grow, and ready to support your technologies with an accompanying website.

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over 30 years experience

Techno-Partz was Established in 1989 and we are still in Connecting People and looking after some of our original Customers!

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