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Telephone / Broadband

Do you have a problem with your telephone/broadband installation and require a telecoms/broadband engineer? We offer all the engineering services as BT or Openreach. We install and comission all telephone & home broadband lines.

WiFi & Internet

Are you having WiFi issues or problems with your internet speed? Do you need a WiFi installation? Techno-Partz can set up a home and home office network to keep you connected to the outside world. We can integrate your tablet, smartphone, laptop, and any other device that gets Wi-Fi access.

CCTV Security

Do you have a property to protect? Do you need to keep your home safe? Techno-Partz provides cutting-edge CCTV systems both hardwired and WiFi. We provide video recording and export, smartphone IP applications to view, save & send data. Anytime from anywhere.

Smart Home

Techno-Partz offers service that can help with installation of smart home equipment to make your house work for you. We Install smart energy meters, Smart Lighting, Smart speaker and all other Internet enable devices to control all your appliances and systems right from your phone.

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Techno-Partz was Established in 1989 and we are still in Connecting People and looking after some of our original Customers!

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